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                Enterprise Honor


                China Tea won the title of "2017 Top 50 Brands of Chinese Tea Industry", ranking the first, which was jointly released by the China General Chamber of Commerce, China Consumer Protection Foundation, and National Enterprise Brand Evaluation Committee.

                ChinaTea Bigboss Seawall Black Tea became the selected product for the BRICS Leaders Meeting in Xiamen.

                ChinaTea Selected Seawall Black Tea, ChinaTea Seawall Golden Brick, ChinaTea Red Flower Tea, ChinaTea West Lake Longjing Green Tea (High Quality), ChinaTea Jasmine Dragon Ball, and ChinaTea Grand National Gift Tieguanyin become the designated tea products for the 7th BRICS Agriculture Ministerial Meeting.

                ChinaTea Selected Seawall Black Tea, ChinaTea Butterfly Jasmine Tea, ChinaTea West Lake Longjing Green Tea, and ChinaTea Ming Mountain Pasha Puer Tea (Ripe Tea) became the officially designated products of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

                China Tea won the double awards of "Level-AAAA Enterprise of Business Franchise Evaluation System" and "Top 100 Chinese Franchise Enterprise", assessed by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association.


                China Tea won the title of “China Top 100 Enterprises for Comprehensive Strength in China's Tea Industry”, ranking the first.

                China Tea won the title of "China Top 10 Leading Tea Enterprise".

                The brand China Tea was listed in the 2016 Annual China Brand Value List, ranking the first in the tea industry.

                China Tea was awarded "2016 Annual Top 10 Brands in China's Food Industry".

                China Tea won the title of “Product Innovation Award of Food Industry”.

                China Tea was awarded the "2015 Annual Top 100 Chinese Franchise Enterprises" and "Level-AAA Enterprise of Business Franchise Evaluation System in 2016-2018".


                China Tea won the title of "Advanced Unit of Inheriting and Innovating China Time-honored Brand".

                China Tea was awarded the “2015 Annual Top 10 Channel Brand Enterprises (Chain Enterprise) in Chinese Tea Industry”.

                China Tea was awarded the title of “Member Company of APEC China Business Council”.


                ChinaTea-branded, Seawall-branded and Butterfly-branded products become the officially designated products of APEC.


                China Tea cooperated with CCTV and Shanghai Dunhuang International Culture and Art Co., Ltd. to shoot 8-episode TV special film titled Chinese Tea Culture.


                Fujian Jasmine Tea won the 1985 Annual Golden Ormanthus Award issued by the International Association of Food Tourism.

                China Tea selected samples of more than 20 tea categories, including black tea, green tea, flower tea, Oolong tea, and pressed tea to participate in the International Exposition held in Damascus, Syria.


                Zhejiang Tiantan-branded Special-grade Pearl Tea won the “Gold Prize in the 23rd World Quality Food Appraisal Conference”.


                China Tea attended the 1957 International Exposition in Casablanca, Morocco. The visitors queued to buy China Tea’s tea products, and the king of Morocco praised our jasmine tea.


                China Tea sent two tea experts, Huang Zhifu and Kong Xianle, to Vietnam to provide assistance, and were honored by Vietnam Ministry of Commerce.